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COCOA: Nutrient COcktails in COAstal zones of the Baltic Sea                            

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The COCOA consortium includes 14 institutes representing 7 countries around the Baltic Sea and 1 non-Baltic European Community State. There are multiple partners from Denmark, Finland and Sweden.

Key scientists and project participants:


The objective of COCOA is to identify major pathways of nutrients and organic material in various coastal ecosystems around the Baltic Sea. Nutrients and organic matter are transformed and retained along the land-sea continuum, and COCOA will quantify how physical and chemical conditions as well as the biological components of the coastal zone affect the biogeochemical processes. We will investigate if transformation and retention processes may have changed over time, and how coastal ecosystem services are affected by these changes. As a result, COCOA will outline management responses to improve the ecological status for coastal ecosystems degraded by eutrophication.

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