Bonus Projects

MICROALGAE - Cost efficient algal cultivation systems

The MICROALGAE project focuses on finding innovative solutions for the use of microalgae cultivation systems for nutrients’ and micropollutants’ removal in wastewater treatment coupled with biogas production. During the project implementation the most advantageous microalgae cultivation systems for wastewater treatment and biogas production will be identified. We believe project findings can not only have positive effects on aquatic ecosystems of the Baltic Sea, but also provide socio-economic and commercial benefits. 

The MICROALGAE consortium:
ESTONIA: Tallinn University of Technology - coordinating partner
DENMARK: Technical University of Denmark, Kgs. Lyngby – determination of the best microalgae species/wastewater combinations, using an innovative method of microplates
SWEDEN: SocEco Analysis & Education, Helsingborg – completion of cost efficient analysis for the industrialisation​ process, as well as identifying negative externalities and emission control from an environmental economic perspective

Visit the MICROALGAE homepage to learn more about the project!