Bonus Projects

FISHVIEW - Assessing fish passibility using a robotic fish sensor and hydrodynamic imaging

Migrating fish swim up to the rivers to their spawning grounds and their life-cycle depends on the passiblity from the sea to the river and back to the sea again.

At the same time, rivers are also the key regions of intense human activity and establishing favorable environmental conditions for migrating fish has proven to be a challenging task. Particularly complex is the problem of passing hydropower plants where the specially constructed fish passes provide a way to pass the obstructions and reach the spawning grounds. However, currently majority of fish passes are non-functional or at best partially accessible for limited number of fish species.

FISHVIEW uses a novel approach to give researchers the “inside view” of a river pass. We design a device that feels water flow similar to the lateral line sensing organ of fish. This device will be immersed in river passes and records the signals in the flow. The signals will be then analyzed with methods of image analysis. If we compare flow patterns from functional and non-functional fish passes we are hoping to tell the difference between them and thus get an answer to the question why are functional fishpasses perceived differently from non-functional ones from the fish point of view.

This method will then be used to design new fish passes by using the flow information in computer simulations. As the result, we hope to be able to tell how to build fishpasses that migrating fish will use.