Bonus Projects

BONUS projects

This section provides information related to all different BONUS funded projects under different calls announced in 2012-2015. Further BONUS projects will still join once the funding decisions have been made and projects commence in summer 2017.

BONUS call 2015: Blue Baltic projects

Implementation 3 years, during 2017-2020

BONUS BALTHEALTH - Baltic Sea Multilevel Health impacts on Key species of Anthropogenic Hazardous Substances
Duration: 3 years, 1.4.2017-31.3.2020

Baltic Sea maritime spatial planning for sustainable ecosystem services
Duration: 3 years, 1.7.2017-30.6.2020

BONUS BLUEWEBS Blue Growth boundaries in novel Baltic food webs
Duration: 3 years, 1.4.2017-31.3.2020

BONUS CLEANAQ Innovative removal of N, P and organic matter in effluents from recirculating aquaculture system
Duration: 2,5 years, 1.4.2017-30.9.2019

BONUS CLEANWATER Eco-technological solutions to remove micro-pollutants and micro-plastic from contaminated water
Duration: 3 years, 1.4.2017-31.3.2020

BONUS ECOMAP Baltic Sea environmental assessments by opto-acoustic remote sensing, mapping, and monitoring
Duration: 3 years,1.9.2017-31.8.2020

BONUS FLAVOPHAGE Bacteriophage based technology for pathogen control in aquaculture
Duration: 3 years, 1.4.2017-31.3.2020

BONUS INTEGRAL Integrated carbon and trace gas monitoring for the Baltic Sea
Duration: 3 years, 1.7.2017-30.6.2020

Multilevel assessment of microplastics and associated pollutants in the Baltic Sea
Duration: 3 years, 1.7.2017-30.6.2020

Optimization of mussel mitigation cultures for fish feed in the Baltic Sea
Duration: 3 years, 1.4.2017-31.3.2020

Reducing emissions by turning nutrients and carbon into benefits
Duration: 3 years, 1.5.2017-30.4.2020

BONUS SEAMOUNT New innovative underwater vehicles for studying submarine groundwater discharge and associated nutrient fluxes
Duration: 3 years, 1.4.2017-31.3.2020

BONUS call 2014: Sustainable ecosystem projects

Implementation 3 years, during 2015-2018

BALTCOAST A systems approach framework for coastal research and management in the Baltic
Duration: 3 years, 1.4.2015-31.3.2018 

BALTICAPP Wellbeing from the Baltic Sea - applications combining natural science and economics
Duration: 3 years, 1.4.2015-31.3.2018

 Towards sustainable governance of Baltic marine space
Duration:  3 years, 1.4.2015-31.3.2018

GO4BALTIC Coherent policies and governance of the Baltic Sea
Duration:  3,75 years, 1.4.2015-31.12.2018

Integrated governance of Baltic herring and salmon stocks
Duration:  3 years, 1.4.2015-31.3.2018

MIRACLE Mediating integrated actions for sustainable ecosystem services in a changing climate
Duration:  3 years, 1.4.2015-31.3.2018

SHEBA Sustainable shipping and environment in the Baltic Sea
Duration:  3 years, 1.4.2015-31.3.2018

Strategic and operational risk management for wintertime maritime transportation system
Duration:  3 years, 1.4.2015-31.3.2018

BONUS call 2012: Viable ecosystem projects

Implementation 3,5-4 years, during 2014-2018
BAMBI Baltic Sea marine biodiversity – addressing the potential of adaptation to climate change
Duration: 4 years, 1.1.2014-31.12.2017

BIO-C3 Biodiversity changes – investigating causes, consequences and management implications
Duration: 3.5 years, 1.1.2014-30.6.2017

BLUEPRINT Biological lenses using gene prints – developing a genetic tool for environmental monitoring in the Baltic Sea
Duration:  4,3 years, 1.1.2014-30.4.2018 

Changing antifouling practices for leisure boats in the Baltic Sea
Duration:  4 years, 1.1.2014-31.12.2017

COCOA Nutrient cocktail in coastal zones of the Baltic Sea – improving understanding of the transformation and retention of nutrients and organic matter in the coastal zone
Duration:  4 years, 1.1.2014-31.12.2017  

INSPIRE Integrating spatial processes into ecosystem models for sustainable utilisation of fish resources
Duration:  4 years, 1.1.2014-31.1.2018

SOILS2SEA Reducing nutrient loadings from agricultural soils to the Baltic Sea via groundwater and streams
Duration:  4 years, 1.1.2014-31.12.2017  

BONUS call 2012: Innovation projects

Implementation 2-3 years, during 2014-2017

AFISMON Development of the current Automatic Flow Injection Sampler to monitor microbially driven biogeochemical processes in the Baltic Sea water
Duration:  3 years, 1.4.2014-31.3.2017

ANCHOR The captain assistant system for navigation and routingduring operations harbour
Duration:  2 years, 1.4.2014-31.3.2016

ESABALT Enhanced situational awareness to improve maritime safety in the Baltic
Duration:  2 years, 1.3.2014-28.2.2016

FERRYSCOPE Bridging the divide between satellite and shipborne sensing for Baltic Sea water quality assessment
Duration:  2 years, 1.7.2014-30.6.2016

FISHVIEW Assessing fish passages by the use of a robotic fish sensor and enhanced digital imaging
Duration:  3 years, 1.4.2014-31.3.2017

GEOILWATCH Geopositional early warning system integration for disaster prevention in the Baltic Sea
Duration:  2 years, 1.5.2014-30.4.2016

HARDCORE Harnessing coastal radars for environmental monitoring purposes
Duration:  3 years, 1.6.2014-31.5.2017 

Cost efficient algal cultivation systems – a source of emission control and industrial development
Duration:  3 years, 1.2.2014-31.1.2017
Optimisation of small wastewater treatment facilities
Duration:  3 years, 1.2.2014-31.1.2017

PINBAL Development of a spectrophotometric pH-measurement system for monitoring the Baltic Sea
Duration:  3 years, 1.4.2014-31.3.2017

PROMISE Phospohorus recycling of mixed substances
Duration:  3 years, 1.4.2014-31.3.2017 

Sunken wreck environmental risk assessment
Duration:  2 years, 1.5.2014-30.4.2016

ZEB Zero emissions in the Baltic Sea
Duration:  3 years, 1.6.2014-31.5.2017