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12.02.2015 14:28

Soil2Sea Hosts a Trio of Stakeholder Workshops

Solving the challenge of nutrient loading in the Baltic requires the involvement of farmers, local governments, water managers and more.

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Stakeholders discuss nutrient loading in a 'world café' session in Kocinka, Poland.
The health of the Baltic Sea is under threat by the high levels of nutrients flowing in through rivers and groundwater. As part of their project to address this problem, known as ‘nutrient loading’, Soils2Sea researchers met with individuals in three of the project’s case study regions to gather their opinions and understand their interests. 

Three workshops were held in November and December 2014, in Sweden, Poland and Denmark. The goal was to introduce Soils2Sea, and to begin understanding the needs and perceptions of the people living and working in the regions studied by the project. Those attending included farmers, fishers, representatives of local governments, water managers, and other community organizations, as well as academics.

More information about each workshop can be found on the Soils2Sea website:
•    Tullstorp, Sweden
•    Kocinka, Poland
•    Norsminde, Denmark

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