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Rethinking stakeholder boundaries in BONUS MIRACLE

BONUS MIRACLE´s social learning process encourages stakeholder to reflect on and redefine their systems of interest.

The BONUS MIRACLE project recognizes that meaningful transformation of nutrient governance within the BSR cannot be achieved by reproducing the present situation and optimize the pre-existing reductionist policy environment. Neither can it be achieved by focusing solely on nutrients. Instead, the project asks the question: “How can sectoral and national boundaries that define the pre-existing enactment of nutrient governance be redefined to support a systemic nutrient governance regime?”

The first phase of the social learning process has shown that exposing stakeholders with specific problem definitions to other stakeholders in the four BSR case catchments has opened up for reflections beyond their respective system boundaries. The encouraged deliberations and reflections have helped redefine systems of interests connected to different stakeholders, and led to broader stakeholder reflections on appropriate actions needed to accommodate change.

In report D5.2, Powell, Osbeck and André introduces the wicked context for water and nutrient governance in the Baltic Sea Region, and describes the findings from the first part of the BONUS MIRACLE social learning process. The report presents the theory behind the methodological design and conceptual frames that can foster redefinition of stakeholder boundaries, which is supported in MIRACLE´s four case study settings. It also presents a brief overview of how social learning can support the process of stakeholder boundary re-definition and indeed the redefinition of the governance process.

The report may be downloaded from the internet (BONUS MIRACLE D5.2) and copied provided that it is not changed and is properly referenced. Deliverable 5.2 should be cited as:

Powell, N, Osbeck, M and André, K. 2016. Report on rethinking stakeholder boundaries. Uppsala University and Stockholm Environment Institute. Deliverable 5.2, BONUS MIRACLE project,

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