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28.04.2017 16:49

New BONUS Soils2Sea publications online

Two new publications stemming from the BONUS Soils2Sea project are now available online: Emilia Noel Ptak published her MSc thesis and a paper by Anker Lajer Højberg et al. was recently published at the Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies.

Anker Lajer Højberg, together with colleagues from the BONUS Soils2Sea project, has published a study called ‘Review and assessment of nitrate reduction in groundwater in the Baltic Sea Basin’ in the Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies (Volume 12, August 2017, Pages 50–68). The authors stress that the nitrate reduction from the field to the sea varies spatially. This variation could be exploited for regulation strategies by imposing most restrictions in areas with low natural reduction. The authors developed a map for spatially variable nitrate reduction in groundwater covering six countries in the Baltic Sea Basin. This study provides an independent estimate of the nitrogen reduction in groundwater, based on review of national data and studies. The open access article can be viewed here:

Another regional perspective was undertaken by Emilia Noel Ptak. She published ‘A study of the nitrate management discourse in Poland and a comparison with Denmark’ as part of her master thesis at the University of Copenhagen. She undertook an assessment of implementation performance of the Nitrates Directive (91/676/EEC) in Poland and Denmark. The report delivers insights in identifying the main factors affecting the ability of Member States to fulfill their implementation duties and suggests acknowledging stakeholder views based on historical and cultural norms when implementing environmental legislation. The full report can be downloaded here:

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