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04.11.2016 12:09

New BONUS Soils2Sea publication

In October 2016, Jacobsen & Wachiniew published Deliverable 3.1, “Field site installations for groundwater studies in Norsminde and Kocinka”. The report can now be downloaded from the projects website.

The report describes the field site installation for groundwater studies in Norsminde (Denmark) and Kocinka (Poland) in order to inform the modelling of the transport and retention of nutrients through the groundwater system to the surface water system. The Danish field site has been established to obtain information on flow patterns and nutrient retention within a drained till system as these factors control the flux of nutrients to the streams in many of the agricultural areas covered with Quater-nary deposits connected to the Baltic Sea. The Polish field site comprises both installations on a hill slope scale and observations on the catchment scale. The data from this site are also used to inform a model on nutrient retention and transport. The report concludes with some preliminary results for each case study.

The report may be downloaded from the internet ( and copied, provided that it is not changed and is properly referenced. The Deliverable 3.1 may be cited as: Jakobsen R, Wachniew P,. BONUS Soils2Sea Deliverable 3.1. Field site installations for groundwater studies in Norsminde and Kocinka. Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Copenhagen,

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