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07.09.2016 09:46

BONUS shipping cluster outreach and sailing campaign in summer 2016

During June-July 2016, the BONUS SHEBA project organised a combined measurement and outreach campaign on a research sailing ship Hrimfare of Ranrike.

Hrimfare watersamples June 2016
Taking water samples on Hrimfare, Foto: J. Moldanová
During the first part of the campaign, en route from Gothenburg to Visby, Gotland, researchers from the BONUS SHEBA and PINBALL projects, sampled water and air on several transects crossing the main shipping lines in Kattegat and in the Baltic proper. Researchers were looking for fingerprints of the shipping in the water column and in the air, performing continuous measurements of water and air composition, taking water samples as well as samples of water- and air-born particles for further analyses. aking water samples on Hrimfare. Photo: J. MoldanováAmong parameters which were analysed were temperature, salinity, pH, alkalinity, concentration of metals, nutrients, oil residuals, PAHs, elmental composition and microstructure of particles, and atmospheric concentrations of NOx, CO2, SO2, size-resolved particulate matter and soot. The campaign crew proved their dedication to the science, having successfully managed the sampling, sometimes in harsh weather conditions, and combining the intensive scientific programme with non-stop sailing. 

Hrimfare exhibition July 2016
Discussing the safe and clean shipping in the Baltic Sea at the BONUS projects’ exhibition tent, Swedish politicians’ week, Almedalen, July 2016. Photo J. Moldanová
In Visby, Gotland, Hrimfare switched from expedition research vessel into a floating exhibition and hotel during the Swedish politicians’ week in Almedalen. Researchers from BONUS SHEBA were joined by colleagues from other BONUS projects CHANGE, ZEB, BALTSPACE and ESABALT. The BONUS projects invited Swedish politicians and representatives of authorities and industry to take part in a panel discussion attended by some 50 participants at the West Swedish Arena on 3 July 2016. The topic of the discussion was about how citizens, boat owners, harbour operators, shipping partners, authorities and politicians can help to decrease undesired environmental impact caused by shipping and boating in the Baltic Sea.  For three days, Hrimfare was also open for visitors and an exhibition tent provided further possibilities to discuss with BONUS experts cleaner an safer shipping and view sea videos, posters and demonstration of equipment related to the BONUS projects.

BONUS shipping cluster organised panel discussion, 3 July 2016. Photo: Stjepan Budimir

Soon a more detailed update will be published by BONUS SHEBA project. In the meantime, contact Jana Moldanova for more information, jana.moldanova(at) and visit the BONUS SHEBA website at

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