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07.04.2017 16:10

BONUS SHEBA 4th Newsletter

In this issue you can read about the expert elicitation at the BONUS SHEBA stakeholder meeting in Tallinn, Estonia as well as the BONUS SHEBA sampling campaign.

An expert elicitation activity took place during the BONUS SHEBA stakeholder meeting on the 12-13th of October in Tallinn, Estonia.

In BONUS SHEBA a number of scenarios are constructed in order to study several aspects of the future impact of shipping in the Baltic Sea region on air quality, water pollution, under-water noise emissions and on society. For some of these scenarios it was decided to consult experts for their judgement regarding specific future developments. The experts involved were invited members of the BONUS SHEBA advisory board and the extended SHEBA stakeholder group. They came from Denmark, Germany, Poland and Sweden and represented expertise in a variety of fields.

A sampling campaign was performed onboard the 67 foot Challenge yacht, s/y  Hrimfare af Ranrike in the Kattegat and the Baltic proper to measure concentrations of air pollutants and water contaminants. In addition, levels of acidification and various oceanographic parameters were monitored. The approach to use a sailing vessel minimizes the problem of affecting the measurements by self-contamination from the engine. The focus of the efforts was to describe ship emissions to air and water along shipping lanes.

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