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BONUS SHEBA - take a survey

The SHEBA project on Sustainable Shipping and Environment of the Baltic Sea region has reached its final phase. SHEBA is a BONUS-project which analyses the drivers for shipping, obtain the present and future traffic volumes and estimates emissions to water, to air, and of underwater noise. Further, the project will provide an integrated (ecological, economic, and social) assessment of policy options to mitigate pressures linked to shipping.

For the integrated assessment of the policy options, the project team came up with proposals for policy solutions at the EU, Baltic Sea region, national and local levels. To integrate the views of a broad variety of stakeholders in the assessment, we would like to invite you to participate in the following web survey.


Please click here to participate.


Answering the survey won't take more than 15 minutes.


With the web survey you have the possibility to integrate your knowledge and opinions in the assessment of three criteria for twenty policy interventions for shipping. Your assessment will be the basis for building a suitable policy-mix for reducing environmental pressures from shipping.

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