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06.03.2018 15:58

BONUS RETURN to announce competition finalists

Finalists in the recently concluded competition: 'Baltic Sea nutrients and carbon reuse challenge' will be announced at the Baltic Sea Future congress on 9th of March 2018 in Stockholm.

BONUS RETURN will elaborate on the fundamental role of innovations in solving the Baltic Sea problem. Each of the four finalists will present their innovations, focusing on their ability to reuse nutrients and/or carbon in the Baltic Sea, followed by a brief Q & A session after each presentation.

The program is as below.

Moderator: Karina Barquet

Karina Barquet, SEI

13:00 – Researchers research, Innovators innovate, municipalities implement. Who links them up?
Johan Kuylenstierna, SEI

13:10 – Presentations by the four innovations in the final round of the competition

13:50 – Linking innovators with municipalities and investors – the Accelerator Programme
Marc Klaus, Race For The Baltic

1400 – Presentation of the Competition’s prize
Måns Lundh, RISE

14:10 – Closing remarks
Karina Barquet, SEI

To have a look at the full event details, you may visit the Baltic Sea Future congress website.

The full list of finalists will be published here and on the project website immediately after the event. To receive updates on the progress of the event, subscribe to the mailing list on the project's website. 

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