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21.10.2018 12:00

BONUS MIRACLE presents a Roadmap for improving water resource management in the Baltic Sea Region

Aiming at “Enhancing the effectiveness of nutrient management and providing multiple ecosystem service benefits”, the roadmap contributes to the ongoing discourse on the development of coordinated policies and strategies to improve the effectiveness of nutrient management and provide multiple ecosystem benefits, including private and public goods, in the agricultural and environmental sectors.

Notwithstanding a number of different policy initiatives in the Baltic Sea Region, it is becoming clear that siloed, sectorally based policy approaches are increasingly unable to address eutrophication of the Baltic Sea. This points to a need for greater coordination between agricultural and environmental policies to be able to ensure both sustainable food and biomass production and the provision of clean water and multiple ecosystem services in a changing climate.  In this context, also the European strategy and action plan towards a sustainable bio-based economy by 2020 recognizes the need for continuous coordination between relevant bio-based economy sectors and policies.

This Roadmap intends to contribute to the discourse on the need to develop coordinated policies and strategies in the agricultural and environmental sectors. It builds upon the results of work undertaken in the BONUS MIRACLE project, including a social learning process with a diverse set of public and private sector stakeholders in case areas across the Baltic Sea Region. In the process, alternative pathways were explored for the provision of multiple ecosystem benefits at the local level and nutrient governance at the BSR level.

The Roadmap can be downloaded from the website

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