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BONUS MIRACLE at Baltic Sea Future Congress

BONUS MIRACLE was well represented at the Baltic Sea Future Congress on 6-7 March 2017 in Stockholm with two presentations and a poster stand.

Maria Osbeck from SEI talked about the complexity that characterize Water Governance in the Baltic Sea Region, examplified by the BONUS MIRACLE case area Helge å.  Prof. Neil Powell from SWEDESD, Uppsala University, focused on the somewhat messy situation that characterize nutrient governance in the BSR. He presented the MIRACLE approach to “invite wicked clients to reflect on how they could enhance their present livelihoods by adapting their practices to also address basin level issue that they hold in common with many other clients/actors”.  By bringing together new stakeholder constellations, we may pave the way for real transformation and innovative governance in the region. 

Most of the presentations can be found at the congress home page 

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