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21.12.2017 10:45

BONUS BLUEWEBS has been adopted as a EUSBSR Flagship project under Policy Area Bioeconomy

EUSBSR flagshipThe National Coordinators adopted in November 2017 five new projects as Flagships of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR). The actions of the EUSBSR are implemented by means of Flagships. Flagships demonstrate the progress of the Strategy, and may serve as pilot examples for desired action in a given field.

BONUS BLUEWEBS sets out to understand the changes in the Baltic Sea food webs, and how the system should be managed in an uncertain future. In order to do this, the project will study the past changes of the system in terms of structure and function; predict how the food web dynamics are likely to change, and how they affect the ecosystem service provision.

"One of the aims of the BONUS BLUEWEBS project is two-way communication between the scientific community and society´s various stakeholders in management and decision making, both on local, national and EU level. The flagship status affirms that the EU finds the research relevant to its goals, and it will help us to communicate with both the local actors and the high level policy makers," says Laura Uusitalo, Senior research scientist, Finnish Environment Institute, Lead Partner of BONUS BLUEWEBS

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