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Streams for Storage - BONUS SOILS2SEA

Hello there! Here you get the chance to learn more about transport of nutrients through surface waters. I blog about my experiences as a PhD student within the BONUS project Soils2Sea, bringing updates from both the Tullstorp Brook field site and everyday work at the office.

13.12.2015 11:57Anything can happen in the field Ida Moren

After the two last weeks I am certain of one thing, anything can happen in the field. I can also give you the advise to stay out of fieldwork in December in Sweden if possible. If the alternative is no fieldwork at all however, I take the advise back. No mater all the complications you might meet, fieldwork is fun and extremely  worthwhile.

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01.09.2015 18:15Fieldwork season Ida Moren

Summer has passed and we have performed two different tracer tests in the Tullstorps Brook with the fluorescent color Rhodamine WT. It is exciting to empty the color bucket into the stream and then watch how the read water spread out and mixes with slower zones, little by little, until a well-mixed color cloud is defined and starts traveling downstream.  

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06.07.2015 12:59Summer school in Berlin Ida Moren

One great advantage of being a PhD student is the possibility to work in an international environment. Las week I attended a course in Berlin, Germany, learning more about processes occurring in the sediments of streams and rivers, a zone often called the hyporheic. 

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07.06.2015 22:10The first of many Ida Moren

Where to start? This is my first of what will hopefully be many blogs. Here I hope to give you interesting updates on the advances of the surface water research in Soils2Sea, (Streams2Sea) especially the stuff that is going on at our field site, The Tullstorp Brook. So why not dig right into it, saving a more proper introduction for later.  

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