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Storm in a teacup - water is everywhere BONUS SOILS2SEA

Hi, I'm Dominika Bar-Michalczyk. I am a PhD student, a geologist involved in the project BONUS SOILS2SEA. I work and learn at AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. On this blog I'll share with you the experiences of a young scientist. Stories, described by me, will cover two fields of work: cooperation with the local population and cooperation with my colleagues from the department of physics, with whom I work in this project.
22.06.2017 16:09

Keep calm and listening the Kocinka

Dominika Bar-Michalczyk

Hi to all very busy people, 

swiming aginst main stream of life in neverending haste, I want to invite you to relax on the Kocinka side. 

It takes  ONLY one minute... 

P.S. I need to say that  is extremely boring film. You do this on your own responsibility. So you can not say that I not warned you :)

Pictures from last field trip - June 2017:








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