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Sources & Sinks: A Tale of Coastal Biogeochemistry - BONUS COCOA

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21.11.2018 19:51

New COCOA publication!

Dana Hellemann

A new study from the BONUS COCOA project has just been published:

Wytze Lenstra (Utrecht University) and co-workers wanted to know, which mechanisms control the burial of phosphorus in coastal sediments, as phosphorus is known to enhance growth of phytoplankton and burial is the only long-term sink in marine systems.

They found that phosphorus burial in the northern Baltic Öre Estuary was high compared to other areas in the Baltic Sea and that burial was strongly enhanced by the formation of iron(II)- phosphorus minerals within the sediment. Additionally, they showed that iron input from the Öre River was strongly linked to variations in river discharge: Iron fluxes from the river were highest after dry periods on land, which strongly impacted the phosphorus burial in the Öre Estuary.

Read the full story here:

Lead author Wytze Lenstra (first on the left) and his co-workers during sample collection in the northern Baltic Öre Estuary, Quark Strait, Sweden.

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