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30.01.2017 11:26

4th annual BONUS COCOA meeting

Dana Hellemann

Eventually, everything has to end. Also the BONUS COCOA project, which still has 11 months to go and thus it is not time to say goodbye YET.... however, last week´s 4th annual meeting was at the same time also already the last of our annual meetings.

Thus, the pressure to finish up is on, but luckily motivation and good mood as well. The necessity for synthesizing our work in mind, we used the 3 1/2 days of meeting very well with exchanging results from all involved disciplines and making plans on how to proceed in the time left. More details on the content and what magic has to do with science you can also read on the COCOA benthosphere blog: My great German adventure.
The happy participants of the 4th annual BONUS COCOA meeting at the Institute for Baltic Sea Research (IOW), Warnemuende. Missing on the picture: Alexander, Colin, Erik, Heather, Karen and Markus.

Thanks to the project coordinators Jacob and Daniel for the constructive meeting, and special thanks to Maren and her team for organizing and hosting it at the Institute for Baltic Sea Research (IOW) in Warnemuende. A direct view to the beach is always helpful when discussing matters on coastal ecosystems!

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