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A blog about the BONUS RETURN project: Reducing emissions in the Baltic Sea by turning nutrients and carbon into benefits.
04.12.2018 15:45

What does the science say? Q & A on Systematic Reviews and Systematic Maps

Neal Haddaway, Caspar Trimmer, Brenda Ochola

While there are growing calls for policy-making to reflect the scientific evidence, that evidence doesn’t always speak with one voice. Frequently, two studies seem to offer diametrically opposed answers to the same question. And it’s all too easy for bias to slip in when we’re selecting, weighing up and interpreting the literature. SEI’s Neal Haddaway introduces two methods that aim to distil objective, transparent and credible answers from the scientific evidence – and new tools to make it easier.

Read the Q&A and watch an interview with Neal Haddaway here

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