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A blog about the BONUS RETURN project: Reducing emissions in the Baltic Sea by turning nutrients and carbon into benefits.

04.12.2018 15:45What does the science say? Q & A on Systematic Reviews and Systematic Maps Neal Haddaway, Caspar Trimmer, Brenda Ochola

While there are growing calls for policy-making to reflect the scientific evidence, that evidence doesn’t always speak with one voice. Frequently, two studies seem to offer diametrically opposed answers to the same question. And it’s all too easy for bias to slip in when we’re selecting, weighing up and interpreting the literature. SEI’s Neal Haddaway introduces two methods that aim to distil objective, transparent and credible answers from the scientific evidence – and new tools to make it easier.

Read the Q&A and watch an interview with Neal Haddaway here

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09.01.2018 00:02EU competition seeks eco-tech innovations for a cleaner Baltic Sea! BRENDA OCHOLA

The EU-funded BONUS RETURN project is offering pre-commercialization support to top ideas for reducing nutrient and carbon emissions and productive reuse in the Baltic region, in a new competition.

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05.07.2017 15:03How can Sweden bridge the gap between innovation and commercialisation in the Baltics? Karina Barquet & Ylva Rylander

The environmental destruction of the Baltic Sea continues to be a problem affecting 60 million people. There is a need to enable commercialisation and implementation of fair technologies that will contribute to win-win solutions for Sweden and the entire Baltic Sea region.

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29.06.2017 12:36Engaging cities and municipalities to clean up the Baltic Sea Brenda Ochola

BONUS RETURN, participated in a ceremony to celebrate the accomplishments of the first batch of cities in The Baltic Sea City Accelerator, a programme initiated by Race for the Baltic, one of BONUS RETURN's boundary partners.

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20.06.2017 10:45BONUS RETURN kicks off Brenda Ochola

A new EU funded project aimed at turning waste into profit officially kicked off in Sweden with a conference on 19th and 20th June at Sånga Säby. Members from Sweden, Finland and Poland, gathered in the north of Stockholm to set strategies for the three-year long project.

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