Bonus Projects

Estuaries make nutrient cocktails strong - BONUS COCOA

Traditionally considered as a one-way nutrient sinks, estuaries reveal increasing complexity and fragile equilibria, altering the nutrient stoichiometry. We report the COCOA results on the largest European freshwater estuary, the Curonian Lagoon, where we study the biogeochemistry of N, Si and P.

28.11.2016 12:02Where’s Bob? Sara Benelli

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15.03.2016 12:00Studying an extreme: biogeochemistry in the hypertrophic Curonian Lagoon (Lithuania) Sara Benelli

A group of nice scientists from Klaipeda University, Lithuania, contaminated by a few Italians and a Swedish lady, are investigating the multiple interactions among nutrients, pelagic and benthic algae, macrofauna (and birds!) in the Curonian Lagoon, within the COCOA project.

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