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Hi, my name is Wiktor and I work at BONUS BALTICAPP project. I am an environmental economist and my research is mostly focused on environmental goods valuation, which means obtaining reliable estimates of benefits from given environmental good in population of interest. On my blog I am going to write about some research I am a part of, but also about other studies I find interesting. Some of them will be related to Baltic Sea and relevant for BalticApp project, but I plan to write also about some other environmental issues. I hope you will find my entries interesting, all comments are welcomed!

17.01.2016 23:24New year, new research Wiktor Budzinski

We have 2016 now and winter semester is coming to an end. Examination session is being closer and closer, but fortunately I will have only one exam, so I hope it will not be very time-consuming. During past three months I’ve been working on my research.

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05.10.2015 23:29PhD studies have begun Wiktor Budzinski

As from this week I started my PhD studies at University of Warsaw. I had an interview last week, where I presented synopsis of my proposed thesis.

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20.07.2015 14:10EAERE conference and Travel Cost study Wiktor Budzinski

I was planning to write this entry much sooner, but unfortunately I didn’t manage to do so - holidays can be more intense that one would expect. In 24-27 June annual conference of European  Association of Environmental and Resource Economists took place in Helsinki, Finland (

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08.06.2015 23:22First entry

Hi, my name is Wiktor Budziński and I am from Poland. I am an environmental economist and I work at following BONUS project: “BalticAPP: Wellbeing from the Baltic Sea – applications combining natural science and economics”. This is my first entry so I figured it will be a good idea to introduce you to the project and its main objectives.

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