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24.01.2015 18:58

What´s going on this year?

Anna Törnroos

A new year ahead and everyone is buzzing about upcoming events, time to fill the calendar again!

For a researcher this usually revolves around the coming conferences, project meetings, potential workshops and other networking opportunities. But it’s of course (as always) a question of how important is the event for the project/researcher and is there money (or can it be applied for) to go there. Even more essential is what you are going to present, is it going to be ready in time, do you get your data or samples in time to do the analysis and put down the story on paper or in a presentation. This is certainly also part of the planning. Here I definitely can relate to what Pierre De Wit wrote in his latest entry in one of the other BONUS blogs - “A Bug’s Life”. Scientific work can definitely be quite patchy in time, a juggling of several projects and project deadlines at a time spiced with some frustrating moments of having to wait for data or the colleague to wake up on the other side of the world to ask that key question. Adding to the patchiness are also the meetings, workshops etc. that you go to. Although they are often really rewarding in terms of ideas and new collaborations, they do often interrupt the workflow.


So far, I´ve got an ICES working group meeting planned for spring, an abstract submitted for the Baltic Sea Science Conference and at least two conferences marked in the calendar for the autumn. So things are going to get busy as usual!


Although I know that this year is going to be filled with a lot of work and hopefully some travelling, my new year’s promise to myself is to remember myself in all this and appreciate those moments when life just is great…(taking on some of the Danish way of life). Like one of these Saturday mornings turned in to an afternoon of hanging out in nice coffee bars, with a good book and company.


Lazy working2
Note to myself: remember to schedule in some lazy Saturdays!

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