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21.07.2015 09:21

Summer school: learnt a lot, got new ideas & extended my network

Anna Törnroos

It all began…

…after our BIO-C3 annual meeting in Kiel, where I met up with a bunch of other young PhD-students and postdocs to head further north in Germany (if you can do that from Kiel?!). The joint summer school of the BONUS projects BIO-C3, BAMBI and INSPIRE namely took place in the Artefact Guesthouse in Glücksburg, near the Danish boarder.


A summer school…what is it all about?

A summer school is not so much a school, although lectures on various topics are usually given, as it is an opportunity to meet others interested in the same topics as well as extend your network and find potential future colleagues.


The general theme of this summer school was: The Baltic Sea: a global model for a future Ocean?  


The Baltic Sea was covered from particularly three angles: i) the physical and biogeochemical characteristics of the sea, ii) the ecophysiological and adaptation potential of species and iii) management and policy aspects of the region. Having heard some really motivating lectures and discussed a lot, I definitely think the Baltic Sea is a great model system in all three areas, and even more.


For me the really cool and new stuff was to hear more about the research in ecophysiology and adaptation by Kerstin Johannesson (CeMEB), Anders Nissling (Uppsala University) and Frank Melzner (GEOMAR). These talks gave me a lot of new thoughts!


Other projects and late-night mingling…

I also learned a lot more about the other projects such as BAMBI and INSPIRE (you can read more about the projects in Pierre’s and Alessandro’s blogs). 


During the week we also went on a field trip, which I really liked, it felt like proper fieldwork when a storm came over us!  We also had a poster session extending over two productive evenings (I hope Marie will tell more about that in her blog about the COCOA project!?).


My warmest thanks to the organizers at GEOMAR Jan, Thorsten et al. and thanks to my fellow summer school-goers, it was great fun, hope to see you soon!


Poster session2
Late night mingle around Marie Järnström's poster




P.S. For all you young scientists involved in a BONUS project somehow, there is now a Facebook group that you can join for staying up to date and networking with the others! Thanks Pierre de Wit for setting it up! 

Cheers... of course did we try out the local beer!

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