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13.12.2014 12:35

Inspirational trip

Anna Törnroos

Greetings from the Annual meeting of the Centre for Ocean Life and Isefjord! 


These two days of rapping up yet another productive year for the Centre for Ocean Life ( reminded me again of why I love working in marine science so much.


First of all, putting researchers from many different scientific fields (biology, physics, mathematics etc.) in the same room, discussing together under the same topic is a quite rare happening. However, this is exactly what the work at the Centre for Ocean life is built upon and this type of environment gives you great inspiration as you always learn so many new things as well as feeling challenged to explain your research topic to someone with a completely different background. This is something that I experience every day when working at the centre, but the annual meeting really highlighted this. A great addition to the meeting was of course the invited guests and keynote speakers like Assoc. Prof. Mick Follows from MIT, Dr. Jorn Bruggemann from Plymouth Marine Laboratory and Affl. Prof. Neil Banas from University of Washington, talking about using traits of species to explain patterns and processes of global and regional marine ecosystems. And to top it all off we had a cheerful and a pretty intimate evening dinner, followed by a lot surprisingly good singing and guitar/ukulele/harmonica/mobile phone music playing!!


Another thing that really got my nerdy biology side going was the little treasure I found in one of the back rooms of the Søminestationen (an old “sea mine station” by the Isefjord, near Holbæk in the Danish countryside), where the meeting was held.  Here I found the personal collection of fish and benthic invertebrate (mussels, snails, worms etc.) samples take by the late great biologist Dr. Erik Rasmussen in the Isefjord area. Having read his book and articles while compiling information about the ecology and traits of the marine species, as well as now having seen one of the animal collections upon which he based his observations, was another really cool and inspiring experience!

IMG 7429 2
A sample of "Cardium lamarcki" now Cerastoderma glaucum (Lagoon cockle) by Erik Rasmussen 1972.
IMG 7445 2
Littorina littorea snails (Common periwinkle) on blades of eelgrass sampled 1940 by Rasmussen.

Last but not least, I´d like to promote this funny little bedtime story for kids (and grownups) about evolution and “The world of Hops” by my Centre for Ocean Life-colleague Jan Heuschele, check it out:

Weekend greetings,



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