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04.07.2015 15:20

1st Annual Meeting of BIO-C3!

Anna Törnroos

Greetings from the first Annual Meeting of our BIO-C3 project! 

Hi everyone, 

Our meeting took place this week from Tuesday 30th of June to Friday 3rd of July at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research in sunny and lovely Kiel! The expectations were high and I think everyone looked forward to meeting all the colleagues again after a productive first year!

As our project is rather big, including 13 partner institutes all along the Baltic Sea and over 50 scientists that are studying biodiversity from genes to the ecosystem level, a proper update on what we have been doing was definitely needed (if you are interested in reading more about our results so far in BIO-C3 then take a look at our output site:!)


After these updates, the most important part (as I see it) started on day two, where we discussed the interactions and workflow between work-packages. That means straightening out questions such as where and how will my results fit in with someone else´s and can we perhaps produce something smart and exciting on top of the deliverables that we have already promised? A lot of nice future collaborations came out of this, most were of course planned but it’s nice to see them happening! For my part, I look forward to broadening my analysis to other animal and plant groups and to add some of the climate and biogeochemical models that, for example SMHI in Sweden are working with, to possibly project some future changes of the Baltic Sea biodiversity.


We were really happy and thankful to also have two persons from our Advisory Board present, namely Prof. Hermann Hummel and Prof. Carol Lee as well as BONUS programme manager Dr. Andris Andrusaitis. Their reflections and comments were very helpful! It seemed that they were in general impressed by our outcomes and plans so far, which made us cheer with some cold German beer of course!


Mentioning beer, I should add that a meeting like this is of course not only about the fun science but also some fun leisure time. A part from visiting the GEOMAR Aquarium hosting much of the fish diversity of the Baltic Sea, we also had a nice rooftop BBQ-party with a wonderful view over the Kiel Canal!


The fun continuous tomorrow, when I'm off to the Summer school “The Baltic Sea: a model for the global future ocean?” in Glücksburg! This is a joint course by the three BONUS projects BIO-C3, BAMBI and INSPIRE and I'm really looking forward to meet some old and new PhD-student- and postdoc- colleagues from the other projects!


Sunny greetings from Kiel,


Annual meeting
Summer greetings from us in BIO-C3! (photo credit: Jan Steffen)

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