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Baltic Diversity Notes - BONUS BIO-C3

Bringing you updates on Baltic Sea biodiversity from the BIO-C3 project and thoughts on life as a young researcher

18.03.2016 00:173 changes under the surface that we can feel in everyday life Anna Törnroos

As our project, the BIO-C3 ( is all about finding out what has happened and what is going to happen to the diversity of the Baltic Sea marine life, I thought I’d share my top three human-induced changes to our sea that affect your everyday life. 

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04.07.2015 15:201st Annual Meeting of BIO-C3! Anna Törnroos

Greetings from the first Annual Meeting of our BIO-C3 project! 

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06.05.2015 00:41Digging into the data Anna Törnroos

Finally time to start focusing on my key study in BIO-C3!

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20.02.2015 14:14Plenty of fish in the Baltic Sea -no? Anna Törnroos

Guest post on the diversity of bottom-living fish communities by Laruène Pécuchet

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24.01.2015 18:58What´s going on this year? Anna Törnroos

A new year ahead and everyone is buzzing about upcoming events, time to fill the calendar again!

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23.12.2014 19:21Red Listed Christmas delights Anna Törnroos

Enjoying the holidays and some thoughts about Red Listed species on our Christmas table.

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13.12.2014 12:35Inspirational trip Anna Törnroos

Greetings from the Annual meeting of the Centre for Ocean Life and Isefjord! 

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04.12.2014 23:59Manuscripts & publishing... Anna Törnroos

Back in Copenhagen and full speed before Christmas, which means manuscripts will hopefully enter the process of scientific publishing…

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20.11.2014 23:06Flight mode... Anna Törnroos

This week´s entry will be a shorter greeting from Copenhagen and Stockholm Arlanda airports, as I am on my way to Finland and Åbo to visit my “home” university (Åbo Akademi University) and the benthos research group lead by professor Erik Bonsdorff. 

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13.11.2014 10:19Biodiversity – what is it, why care and how to experience it? Anna Törnroos

Yesterday a huge step for humankind was taken with the Rosetta-project, and as a scientist this feels great and exciting! However, I find it amazing that we know more about the surface of Mars than our own oceans and seas! So here are some thoughts for the biodiversity of our own planet.

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06.11.2014 16:08Exciting new firsts! Anna Törnroos

Well, hello there!

I´m delighted that you found your way to one of the first blogs under the project website for the BONUS program (an EU research and developmental program focused on the Baltic Sea). And more importantly my first blog!

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