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A blog about BALTCOAST project happenings: daily researchers' life, PhD student activities and engagement, stakeholder engagement. The blog is written by two people from different countries and different positions in the project, so expect diverse and interesting insights from us.

15.05.2017 16:20BONUS BaltCoast Summer School 2017: Call for applications is now open! Natalja Čerkasova

We are now accepting applications for the BONUS BaltCoast Summer School 2017, which will be held in August 20– 26, 2017.
This is the 2nd Summer School organized by BONUS BaltCoast project and after a successful run in 2016 at Klaipeda University (Lithuania) it will take place now in Latvia, coordinated by University of Latvia.

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14.02.2017 11:39BONUS BaltCoast 2nd Stakeholder Meeting Natalja Čerkasova

The Second BONUS BaltCoast project Stakeholder meeting was held on the 7th of February 2017, at Nida Art Colony (Taikos str. 43, Nida, Lithuania) to discuss the issue of opening a new bathing place in the Curonian Lagoon at Nida. Stakeholders were pleasantly surprised by our accomplishments and have expressed gratitude, because our studies will benefit the decision making process greatly.

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10.10.2016 11:07BONUS BaltCoast Summer School 2016 recap Johanna and Natalja

The BONUS BaltCoast Summer school 2016 and its aftermath are finished (feeling relieved)! From the organizational point of view it was a roller-coaster ride: at some points we had to dodge a steep curve and change our plans completely, at other times – it was a steady uphill and a smooth ride after.

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13.04.2016 10:38BONUS BaltCoast project is celebrating its first year: so much is done and so much more to do! Johanna and Natalja

Today, exactly one year ago, the BONUS BaltCoast consortium met for the first time for the BaltCoast Kick-off, to start the implementation of the projects.

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