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This blog will be about interdisciplinary; my experiences of working together with people from other research disciplines. It will also touch upon the subject of being a researcher, which is its own bit of madness sometimes.

17.06.2015 11:51How much beauty do we need in science? A note on color blindness. Laura Eskelinen

Do you have full color vision? Have you ever played the filters in Photoshop that show how your color figures turn out when looked upon by people with different kinds of color deficiencies?

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12.03.2015 15:14Thoughts in the background Hanna Corell

You know when you set out to the mall in the specific purpose of buying a new pair of pants, or something to wear at the upcoming party? Chances are that you come home empty-handed.  For me the most successful shopping occurs when I had no intention at all to get anything. It almost never occurs when I am cornered into buying something needed, since the tension brought on by the expectations severely limits the chances of succeeding. I believe the same goes for thinking.

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11.12.2014 11:35The importance of a name Hanna Corell

Some things have the weirdest names. Perfect in describing the state of things, but at the same time so totally wrong.

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11.11.2014 15:32Doing some modelling with the model. Hanna Corell

Hi there and welcome to my blog!

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