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A Bug's Life - BONUS BAMBI

Thoughts and news from the BAMBI project. What is happening with the Baltic Sea isopods?

11.05.2015 14:14Just another week at work Pierre De Wit

Most of the time, being a marine biologist involves routine tasks such as lab work, data analyses, writing papers and taking care of animals. But every now and then the monotony is broken by exciting events such as field trips and conferences. Last week, I had the fantastic pleasure of attending TWO such events in Stockholm, and being one of the main characters in one of them. I even got to drink a glass of champagne together with the Swedish king!

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23.03.2015 17:18What species is this? The curse of morphology… Pierre De Wit

Linnaeus started a great thing in the early 1700s, cataloguing all plants and animal into species, which was thought to be the only real “unit of nature”. A wonderful idea! The problem is that now, 300 years later, people still unfortunately don’t agree on how to define a species.

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01.03.2015 21:44Greetings from the ASLO meeting 2015! Pierre De Wit

ASLO, the association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography, has a yearly meeting somewhere in the world, and this year it happens in Granada, Spain. This meeting gathers 2600 scientist from all over the world with the common interest of studying water and the things living in it.

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16.01.2015 13:21Hurry, hurry! Then, wait... Pierre De Wit

Scientific projects are patchy in time. Nothing happens for a long time, then all of a sudden things have to be done quickly. Hurry, hurry! And then, once a deadline passes, things get moved to the bottom of the to-do list until the next deadline approaches..

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01.12.2014 15:31There and back again… Pierre De Wit

Today, December 1, I officially start working on this project and will be doing so for the next couple of years. Exciting!

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10.11.2014 17:27A Bug's Life - entry #1 Pierre De Wit

First entry!

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