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Gdansk Forum 2011


28.09.2016 14:49New dawn rising for Baltic salmon? (Baltic Sea futures) Suvi Ignatius

In the post-industrial societies, producing ideas and services has become the main way to create jobs and economic growth instead of producing goods. The implications of this change for the environment are usually seen as positive. However, critics have pointed out that despite of the reduced pollution and resource use caused by fewer factories, also post-industrial societies continue to struggle with resource scarcity and environmental degradation, and in many cases consumption of natural resources is not at a sustainable level. Still, some species and parts of the environment can benefit from the ongoing change in the societal production structure. Baltic salmon, endangered due to damming and pollution of rivers during the 20th century, seems to be among those species.

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23.09.2016 10:42We need more good news! (Baltic Sea futures) Riina Klais

Science, incl. climate change and environmental science, is often inclined towards pessimistic and negative news and predictions, not because things are that bad, but in order to get funded. But this tendency of unnecessarily negative images comes with a great risk on the long run, especially when we are to convince the stakeholders and public to invest into the environment of the Baltic Sea.

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